29 Nov 2015 - Yokadi 1.0.0!

By Aurelien

After a long delay, here is Yokadi 1.0.0. This new version does not brings new features, but comes with internal changes which makes it nicer and more future-proof: Yokadi has been ported to Python 3 and now uses SQLAlchemy instead of SQLObject.

Switching to SQLAlchemy and porting to Python 3 was a long and tedious job, most of it was done by Sébastien Renard and Benjamin Port, thanks a lot to them.

Besides those technical changes, here is the (rather short) list of changes:

  • Fixed an issue which caused t_list to fail when filtering by keywords on large lists
  • Removed the project keywords feature. It was not very useful and made the searching code more complicated
  • Fixed ical support: it now works with ical 3.6 or later
  • Improved documentation
  • Added Keywords field to yokadi.desktop

Now that this version is out, work on new features can resume. Hopefully we will get a 1.1.0 release in less time that it took us to release this version, but that’s not a promise :)

As usual, tarballs and zip archives are available from the download page. Hope you like it!