03 May 2014 - A new version of Yokadi, can you believe it?

By Aurelien

Today we are happy to announce a new release of Yokadi, version 0.14. This version replaces 0.13.0 which was released… 3 years ago. Wow!

What have we been doing for all these years? We made many incremental changes, nothing ground-breaking, and so we have been happily running Yokadi directly from the Git master branch. It was thus high time to put a new version out.

What’s in the box? Here is a list of changes I compiled from the git log (we really need to release more often, reading 3 years of git history is not fun):

  • Command changes:
    • t_add, n_add:
      • Allow creating two tasks with the same title (useful for recurrent tasks, like “buy bread”).
      • Allow using _ to select last project, making it possible to do multiple t_add on the same project with t_add _ <task description>.
      • Add --describe option to start describing the task right after adding it.
    • t_describe, n_describe:
      • Safer task description editing: task is updated each time the editor saves, a lock manager now prevents multiple edits.
      • Use .md suffix instead of .txt for the temporary filename to allow some smart things with editors that understand Markdown.
      • Use project and task name for the temporary filename. Useful when using graphical editors or when your terminal title shows the current running command.
    • t_due:
      • When called with a time argument which is before current time, set due date to the day after.
    • t_show:
      • Show the task ID.
    • t_list:
      • Use month and year for the task age if the task is older than 12 months.
      • Add support for arbitrary minimum date for –done.
      • Fixed broken help.
    • n_list:
      • Display creation date instead of age.
      • Notes are now grouped by date.
    • p_list:
      • Show task count per project.
    • p_remove:
      • Show the number of associated tasks in the prompt.
    • p_edit:
      • Handle case where user tries to rename a project using the name of an existing project.
  • yokadid:
    • Add --restart option and --log options.
    • Set process name with setproctitle.
    • Configuration keys can now be overridden using environment variables.
  • Misc:
    • Date/time commands now support %d/%m/%y date format.
    • Replaced xyokadi with a desktop file.
    • Updated README to match real output.
  • Developer specific changes:
    • Command parser has been ported from optparse to argparse.
    • Code is now PEP 8 compliant, with the exception of camelCase usage.
    • All imports have been changed to absolute imports (ie import yokadi.<something>).
    • Code has been reorganized into different sub directories.
    • The scripts in the bin directory are now smart enough to run the source tree version instead of the installed version if possible.
    • We now use Travis for continuous integration.

That’s it for this new version. Tarballs and zip archives are available from the download page. Hope you like it!