07 Feb 2009 - First release of Yokadi is out!

By Aurélien

That’s it, the first release is available.

Yokadi started as a simple tool to help me centralize all tasks I have to accomplish, whether they come from everyday-life, work or personal projects. Prior to starting this project, I tried a few other solutions, but none of them satisfied me:

  • Some were web-based, which made them useless in the train.

  • Others were based on a plain text file, making it impossible to enter multi-line task descriptions.

  • A few others were GUI solutions. While attractive, they did not provide a fast enough work-flow and I failed to adopt them.

Yokadi was not initially created to be used by anyone else but me, but when I showed it to a few friends, they adopted it and even started to improve it.

So here we are, 0.9.0 is out for your organizing pleasure. We have been using it and relying on it daily for a few months now and consider it to be stable. Still this is the first public release, you may find rough edges here and there.

Enough talk: grab it, have a look at the README and start getting organized! Should anything go wrong, let us know.