Release process

Release check list


A series is major.minor (ex: 0.12). There is a branch for each series.

A version is major.minor.patch (ex 0.12.1). There is a tag for each version.

This doc assumes there is a checkout of next to the checkout of yokadi.

In yokadi checkout

export version=<version>
export series=<series>

For a new series

Update NEWS file (add changes, check release date)

Ensure yokadi/ file contains $version

Create branch:

git checkout -b $series
git push -u origin $series

The version in master should always be bigger than the version in release branches, so update version in master:

git checkout master
vi version
git commit version -m "Bump version number"
git push
git checkout -

For a new release in an existing series

git checkout <series>

Update NEWS file (add changes, check release date)

Bump version number

echo $version > version
git commit NEWS version -m "Getting ready for $version"


Build archives

./scripts/ ../


git tag -a $version -m "Releasing $version"

Push changes

git push
git push --tags

Merge changes in master (so that future forward merges are simpler). Be careful to keep version to its master value.

git checkout master
git merge --no-ff $series
git push
git checkout -

In checkout

Ensure checkout is up to date

Update documentation

./ ../yokadi .

Update version in download page (

Write a blog entry in _posts/

Test it:

jekyll serve

Upload archives on PyPI

cd download/
twine upload yokadi-<version>.*

Publish blog post

git add .
git commit -m "Releasing $version"
git push